The Troublemakers

Bringing a Metric Carp Ton of fun to Sunday & Monday nights

We are a casual Alliance raid team on the Aerie Peak server and part of the Convert to Raid guild. We are looking to make progression in normal and heroic raids for World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth.

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Heroic Deeds, Done Dirt Cheap!

We're double dealin'...five bosses into normal Highmaul and last night we decided to give Heroic Kargath another shot....BOOM!

Things we learned: Two healers CAN make a difference and, even on heroic, Kargath STILL has a thing for gnomes.

- Aurane

Troublemakers are Pol Fit Certified!

Before we get started, I'd like to take a moment to congratulate Ixsander for finally getting his hard earned Pol dancing certification. You've earned it big guy. ;)

For the rest of us, we learned to dance with fire...lots and lots of fire. We may need some extra burn salve this morning but it doesn't change the fact that we have...ANOTHER BOUNTY CLAIMED!

Things we learned: Leave fire dancing to the professionals kids! (Don't try this at home) and ghosts in the machine run rampant on systems on the longest night of the year. BEWARE!

- Aurane

WEEK TWO - Another bounty claimed!

A great start to week two gives us one shots on both Kargath and The Butcher and a NEW bounty claimed...TECTUS!

Things we learned: Tanks that fall into the tiger pit (and LIVE) keep healers in combat until Tectus. Team gets a "Mulligan"  for that first wipe on Tectus to defeat the "combat" boss.

- Aurane

OPENING NIGHT! - 2 bounties claimed!

The Troublemakers stepped into the arena for the first time last night and ferociously claimed 2 bounties. 

Things we discovered: Kargath has a thing for gnomes and we one-shot the Butcher so hard, his body disappeared. Tectus and Brackenspore, you are on notice.

- Aurane