The Troublemakers

Bringing a Metric Carp Ton of fun to Sunday & Monday nights

We are a casual Alliance raid team on the Aerie Peak server and part of the Convert to Raid guild. We are looking to make progression in normal and heroic raids for World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth.

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Last Week's Raid News This Week!

Not to be confused with THIS guy...



Forgive me. Slacker gnome has been trying to play catch up. /curses Summer activities.

There is too much. Lemme sum up...Buttercup is marrying Prince Humperdink in little less than...waitaminute! That's not right! Where am I? Oh yeah, raiding NEEEEEEWS!

Well, the Troublemakers didn't make it Ahead of the Curve on Blackhand *sadface*. We were sooooo close too! Phase 3, less than 10%...ugh. Time, she was not on our side. Post patch WAS on our side, however, because we then went in last week and...

SPLAT! - Blackhand (ridiculously) dead.

So it was off to explore the Tanaan jungle and locate Hellfire Citadel...for some more stomping.

So. much. green. *shudders* and how did Baltimora get here? WTF?!?! How did this end up on my personal audiophone? I don't remember getting that scroll. Where did that come from? *shrug*

We successfully breached the Citadel and fought off the assault..


Guys? What's that? It's um...heading right for us.

No worries.


That about sums up last week: Things that went SPLAT!

This week, I received an unconfirmed report that a third boss went down in Hellfire Citadel to the Troublemakers.

No payout without proof guys, since SOMEONE *coughIxanderalsoknownasSymbercough* failed to get a screenshot. Better luck next week.

That about sums up this week's (and last week's) raiding NEEEEEEWS.

This gnome is on vacation next week, and will most likely fall behind in updates AGAIN!

Le sigh...

Things we learned: 40 Helens agree - The council fight sucks!


Burninating the Blast Furnace!

*It puts the lotion on its skin* much fire! *shudders*

*It puts more lotion on its skin*

It's been awhile since our last update as the inevitable summer boss begins to take its toll on raid teams. We've had some bumps along the road since our Maidens kill and a few roster change ups. It took us a few weeks to get back on track and the result this week was beyond AWESOME!

Day one of raid week gave us a new Troublemaker record of 8 of 10 Blackrock Foundry bosses down in a single night (3 hours). The majority of which were one-shots. A two-shot on Maidens felt so, so good after all of our struggles and an awesome way to end the night. The team was feeling solid again.

Day two had us pitted against a new nemesis...The Blast Furnace. Videos we studied. Strats were discussed. Attempts were made. Changes were made AND new strats were discussed. Phase one flew by! Phase two was chaos. Slowly we tamed the chaos. One elementalist down...two...wipe! Rinse and repeat until THREE went down! Suddenly there is hope. WIPE! The clock is ticking and the end of raid night is close. We have time for one more attempt.

Let's do this...

One elementalist down!


THREE and we are all alive!

Holy crap we are going to get FOUR!

Keep calm and BURNINATE!

TROGDOR!!!!  The Blast Furnace goes down!

Three hours and 10 wipes never felt so good! I'm proud of what we accomplished as a team this week. It was some amazing work to witness and the reason we raid.

*It puts even more lotion on its skin*

OW! owwie! OW OW!

Things we learned: Blackhand? We got this!

- Aurane

Lining up our sights...The Iron Maidens have fallen!

The following message has been (un)officially approved by Eddie!

Last night the Troublemakers put an end to the Iron Maidens. I think I even heard Blackhand cry a little.

I wish I could give you all sorts of details about how many wipes, close calls and awesome attempts there were, but I wasn't there for most of it. The real life boss needed to be battled first so, by the time I showed up (for the last hour of the night), there were strange druids running everywhere and some new hunter pew pewing everything. I had doubts I was in the right raid group for a second.

There was no time for love, Dr. Jones.  Battle started, and there was the dodging, and the healing, and the grouping up, and the spreading out, and the bombs, and the turrets, and the LooOOooove Booooaaat (shiny and new)...and the chaos.  And suddenly it all died. They all died! And we were victorious.

The end.

Ok, that's just my perspective since my first attempt of the night with the team brought us VICTORY! Coincidence? *raises eyebrow* Thank yer lucky gnomes folks!

Shout out to our druid and hunter helpers (in the chaos I forgot to make note of their names...DOH!).

We ended our night with an accidental pull on Oregorger (messy but effective) and a few attempts on our new target, The Blast Furnace. We managed the heat regulators pretty well. Next up, mastering the elementalists.

Things we learned: Check ALL the bodies for loot on Iron Maidens (not just one) and rogues and DKs bicker like old married people. ;)

- Aurane


Birthday Wishes & Foundry Dreams

Bappy Hirfday to ewe! *hic* Bappy Hirfday two you! *hic*

*hic* Bappy Hergenfrdl day deer Ixsander and Bluette! *hic* Happy Noggenfogger day to ewe!

CHEERS! *hic*

*hic* I don't shink I can to the resht of thish posht like thish! *hic*

*reaches for a Crimson Steer Energy drink*


*channels Zen Meditation*

Ahhhh...much better.

This week in Troublemakers raiding news brings us birthday wishes to Ixsander & Bluette, without whom the Troublemakers probably would not exist. Thanks for setting this group of crazies along their path. *huggles*

We tried to grant Ixsander's birthday wish of downing the Impregnator...uh, I mean, Imperator Mar'gok, so back to Highmaul we went for day one. The smart thing would have been to attempt to down him on normal. We did not do the smart thing. We had a heroic lockout and thought...when in Rome. Let's just say, we were rusty, and even with our Foundry upgrades it felt as if nothing had changed since our last visit. Yeah, we should have done normal. Sigh...

All was not lost, however, it was good coordination practice even if we couldn't get down the birthday boy's request. Note to self: we should have done normal.

Day two, we were on FIRE, literally and figuratively. We became the mighty underdogs! After our disappointing start on that darn Impregnator, we turned it around and cranked out a record FIVE Blackrock Foundry bosses in one (short) night! GO TEAM! Now THAT's what I'm talking about! We one shot almost all of our farm bosses (Beastlord, Hans & Franz, Flamebender, and Gruul) AND got down a new progression boss for us...Operator Thogar!

WOO WOO! CHUGGA CHUGGA CHUGGA! WOO WOO ! *plays with her train set*



It felt good, and was an awesome way to end our raiding week. Shout out of the week goes to Mephisto, no, Mephistopheles, no, Mephistopls...SONNUVA *mumbles* Stupid names with alt charaters...welcome death knight MEMPHIS (as we have now dubbed thee)! May all your mushrooms be colorful and please don't stare at your feet during raid time. Off hours only.

Things we learned: It's good to know who the designated "straight men/women" are in your raid team. Ya know, just in case something goes sideways. *wink* 

- Aurane

And because I can...

Who put the dogs out? (WE DID!!!)


Yup, I went there. You can thank me later for THAT earworm. *snicker*

The Troublemakers, did indeed, put those dogs out and downed Flamebender Ka'graz last night!

Special shout out to Liet for filling in a melee role. He may have been more excited than some of us on our progression kill. Thank you for your energy and enthusiasm.

After downing Hans & Franz and Flamebender, with only 20 minutes to spare, we decided not to waste the rest of the night and cleared trash to Beastlord Darmac in record time. BOOM! ONE SHOT! Our cleanest kill yet. Our "going with the flow" award of the night goes to Ixsander for tanking Beastlord without having studied the fight. It's like he knows how to tank, or something. ;)

Still one more night left in our raiding week. Will we see Thogar go down too? Stay tuned to find out.

Things we learned: Aknor Steelbringer is a ladies man. Watch out ladies!

- Aurane

Darmac & Jalad Reunion Tour 2015!

Who's going?


Wait, what?

*more whispers*

I have the wrong Darmac? *looks sheepish* Oooooh!

<insert expletive here>

Well, there goes that idea. *sigh* I guess I should simply say that The Troublemakers put an end to Darmac and his pet abusing days on Monday night. Here's da proof!

No face pull award this time around (Isilador, you are off the hook) but we did get a lovely piece of RNG that threw Dreadfang at us second instead of our desired order. It was a bit messy there at the end, but The Troublemakers prevailed. Can I get a HUZZAH?


Special shout out to Isilador's friend Havök who, on a mere phone call's notice, hopped in to lend a little melee assistance. It was good to have a DK in the group again. I think we were nice to him, maybe he will come back next week.

At the end of the night we faced off against Flamebender Ka'graz. She smacked us around...and...well, it hurt. Till next week Flamebender...till next week. Bad doggies! No biscuit!

Things we learned: Spears like Shaman healers. Troublemakers come together when the RNG hits the fan...and emerge victorious!

- Aurane

OREGORGER! - now with 100% more selfies



The Troublemakers finally put an end to the roving menace known as Oregorger. Twas a glorious evening filled with the return of old friends (Ixsander) and the start of new friendships (Isilador, Nelthea & Junkster). #FriendshipIsMagic #DispellQuickly #JustKidding

The impromptu Beastlord Darmac face pull award of the night goes to Isilador for keeping the raid on its toes not once but TWICE! Good show ole' chap. *golf clap* Even with face pulls, we got through most of the animals he had to throw at us. #SomeoneCallPETA His animal abusing days are numbered.

And last but not least, let's not forget those selfies. The sound of cameras was heard throughout the realm upon the death of Oregorger. Brace yourselves, selfies are coming...

photo by Itchyknee

photo by Itchyknee

photo by Bluette

photo by Bluette

photo by Ixsander

photo by Ixsander

Things we learned: Oregorger has a thing for draenei priests (woot! It's not gnomes for once!), #TooMuchCoffee leads to #TooManyHashtags #SorryNotSorry, and yes, you can take too many selfies, too quickly.

See you next week!

- Aurane

Edited 3/11/15 to include Ixsander's late-to-the-party selfie. :P

We are ready to up!

It was a rough start to the Troublemakers raiding week this week, fraught with frustrations that led to some roster changes. Rather than let it get us down, we approached day two of our raid schedule with a clean slate and a new goal...BLACKROCK FOUNDRY!

It was our first foray into the Foundry, which some of us had yet to see. Excitement was high and the mood was good. We gave our first Blackrock run the good ole' ONE, TWO punch...




With only a few minutes left in our raid night, we decided to call it on a high note. A big Troublemakers shout out to Slarsh (our adopted tank for the night) and Corsold from the raid team Blame the Hunter for filling our last minute needed role of tank and for the awesome guidance & tips they provided on our first run. You guys were a big help, thank you.

Next week might see a return to Highmaul. We haven't forgotten about you Impregnator...I mean Imperator. The completionists in our group still want your head (at least once).

Things we learned: Gruul hates moon group and hot pockets of doom taste like death.

- Aurane