The Troublemakers

Bringing a Metric Carp Ton of fun to Sunday & Monday nights

We are a casual Alliance raid team on the Aerie Peak server and part of the Convert to Raid guild. We are looking to make progression in normal and heroic raids for World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth.

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OREGORGER! - now with 100% more selfies



The Troublemakers finally put an end to the roving menace known as Oregorger. Twas a glorious evening filled with the return of old friends (Ixsander) and the start of new friendships (Isilador, Nelthea & Junkster). #FriendshipIsMagic #DispellQuickly #JustKidding

The impromptu Beastlord Darmac face pull award of the night goes to Isilador for keeping the raid on its toes not once but TWICE! Good show ole' chap. *golf clap* Even with face pulls, we got through most of the animals he had to throw at us. #SomeoneCallPETA His animal abusing days are numbered.

And last but not least, let's not forget those selfies. The sound of cameras was heard throughout the realm upon the death of Oregorger. Brace yourselves, selfies are coming...

photo by Itchyknee

photo by Itchyknee

photo by Bluette

photo by Bluette

photo by Ixsander

photo by Ixsander

Things we learned: Oregorger has a thing for draenei priests (woot! It's not gnomes for once!), #TooMuchCoffee leads to #TooManyHashtags #SorryNotSorry, and yes, you can take too many selfies, too quickly.

See you next week!

- Aurane

Edited 3/11/15 to include Ixsander's late-to-the-party selfie. :P