The Troublemakers

Bringing a Metric Carp Ton of fun to Sunday & Monday nights

We are a casual Alliance raid team on the Aerie Peak server and part of the Convert to Raid guild. We are looking to make progression in normal and heroic raids for World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth.

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Adventure awaits!

Boss Man Paladin sat alone in his office. It had been a tiring, but reasonably successful first week in the Nazmir jungle. After locating the ancient Titan facility known as Uldir, the new team had done a good job getting in there and cleaning the place up a bit. There was still a lot to do, but they were really starting to come together. His thoughts were interrupted by a firm and steady knock on the door. He rose from his desk, went to the door, and opened it.

POSTAL WORGEN: Mail delivery for you sir. Sorry for the delay, mail routes have been all kinds of squirrely since we moved operations from Dalaran to Boralus. We are still trying to catch up.

The worgen handed him a rather large stack of mail with a postcard on top. Boss Man Paladin knew immediately who it was from.


He flipped over the card and read;

Hey Boss Man,
I made it to Tanaris! The new crew is already here and we are ready to get production under way PRONTO! It’s hotter than Moonguard here during the day, but the evenings are nice. Give my love to the gang.
— Aurane

Underneath the postcard was another letter, also from Aurane, only this one was severely damaged. He opened it and found a hastily scrawled note.

I hope you get this because HOLY CRAP! Plans changed overnight here in Tanaris. We were all set for some location shooting when the ground started going all rumble bumble on us. Word from Silithus was that Magni needed help so pretty much the entirety of Gadgetzan has been conscripted into his service. Our film project is on hold and we are moving out. No idea what’s going on over there yet. I’ll try and report back when I know more.
— Aurane

POSTAL WORGEN: I know it’s been awhile because of the postal delays, but I’ve got some friends down in Silithus I can get word to now that the portals are open. Want me to see if there is any word on your friend?

Boss Man Paladin had completely forgotten the worgen was still there and was mildly startled by the question.

BOSS MAN PALADIN: I’m sure she’s fine. She’s a resourceful gnome.

Boss Man Paladin quickly scribbled a note of his own down on a card and handed it to the Postal Worgen to deliver to Aurane. It simply read…

Four new big bads down.
You’re still short.

Troublemakers invade the Nighthold - hilarity ensues

BEHOLD the iris opens!

...oh wait, wrong raid. 

We must take back the Nightwell!

The Nighthold! Shiny and new! Come aboard! We're expecting you.../dance. *ahem* Gais? Why do we always have to come in through the back door? Why are we never invited? It's always go around to the back door or go through the sewers. I'm starting to think these bosses don't really want us here.


*SMACK, SMACK, SMACK* Ooof! *Sounds of fighting* HAVE AT THEE!


Our first foray into the Nighthold saw us down 5 out of 10 bosses on normal. HALFWAY! There were some bumps and scrapes along the way, but I'd say that is some awesome progress for brand new content and we are only going to get better and faster as we get more and more used to the fights. Nice job team!

As a bit of side note, your friendly neighborhood gnome healer is back in the rotation for a roster switch up and we're still looking for DPS slots. Go here if you are interested: 

Things we learned (or rather, we questioned): When did Blizzard get into hentai?

Are we worthy yet, Odyn? - Normal Trial of Valor has been conquered

Odyn says: The battle is yours to begin, heroes!

TM: Ok, let's do this!

Odyn says: Only by strength in battle can you be measured a champion. Let my stormforged begin your test!

TM: Stormforged, right. Let me at them. *returns with beaten stormforged*

Odyn says: These new challengers seek to complete the trials you have bested. Show them how a true champion fights!

TM: Um...ok, but wouldn't it be better to rally them to our cause instead? No...ok. *returns with beaten challengers.

Odyn says: Your allies spill the blood of their rivals upon the field of battle. Join them and prove your valor!

TM: Wait, we have rivals? I thought this was a one faction server. *beats down "rivals"*

Odyn says: Your enemies have sent reinforcements from the sea. Show my ocean fearing children how to properly sink such a vessel.

TM: Really dude, you need to have a talk with your kids. *grabs Dramamine*

Odyn says: This place will test your mettle and, if you are found worthy, the Aegis of Aggramar will be yours!

TM: Sweet, what's an Aegis, and who is this Hymdall guy?

Odyn says: Before you lies your next trial. Defeat both Hyrja and Fenryr and you will have proven your worth to me!

TM: YES, almost there!

Odyn says: The mighty Fenryr stalks these grounds. It will take cunning and guile to slay this beast - a perfect test of your worthiness.

TM: Order up! One Fenryr hide.

Odyn yells: Most impressive! I never thought I would meet anyone who could match the Valarjar's strength... and yet here you stand.

TM: Aw, thanks big guy. *blush*

Odyn yells: Well done... so far! But I will judge for myself whether you are worthy!

TM: But...I thought we were friends? *beats down Odyn*

Odyn yells: ENOUGH! Your worth is proven! With you as my champions, Helya will fall and I will at long last be free of the curse that binds me here.

TM: You're welcome big guy. Can you pass the ice? This is going to smart tomorrow. Look, it's already bruising.

Odyn yells: Revel in the spoils of victory, worthy champions! The day will come when I have need of your courage and skill once more.

TM: You mean we aren't done?

Odyn says: Champions! You have spilled the blood of Helya's minions. The time has come to enter Helheim itself and end the sea witch's dark reign. But first... a final challenge!

TM: About time....wait, what?

Odyn says: Hymdall! Hyrja! Test the mettle of these mortals. I must be certain they possess the courage and skill needed for what is to come.

TM: Are you freaking kidding me? Also, two at once? How is this even fair?

Odyn yells: Can you withstand a keeper's might?

TM: You again? Odyn, do you even remember what happened in the Halls of Valor? I think you may have taken one too many hits to the head. *whispers to team* Guys, I think he's lost it.

Odyn says: Beware, champions! Helya's realm is guarded by a savage beast bred from the stuff of nightmares! 

TM: Scooby snacks...check. Kong...check. Squeaky toy...check. Got everything on the list. We should be good guys.

Odyn says: Well fought! Now, onward to Helya! This day her treachery shall be ended.

TM: HELL YEAH! We got her boss! *shows Odyn on the doll where the tentacles touched them*

Odyn says: Well fought! You have shown yourself to be worthy.

TM: FINALLY!!! *falls over*

Odyn says: Heroic?

TM: @#&$ you Odyn! *begins the walk back to the Trials of Valor*

Things we learned: Odyn is kind of a dick.