The Troublemakers

Bringing a Metric Carp Ton of fun to Sunday & Monday nights

We are a casual Alliance raid team on the Aerie Peak server and part of the Convert to Raid guild. We are looking to make progression in normal and heroic raids for World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth.

At last, this is the death we saw! - Kilrogg Deadeye falls. week...well...I spaced out!

I totally forgot to post our Kilrogg kill from last week. Sorry guys!

I dunno what happened. I was all ready to go and *poof* - out of my head it went, until I was sitting at the homestead the other day and was all like HOLY CRAP, HOW DID I FORGET THAT?!?!

Thus, I am remedying this situation now and assuring our mighty victory again this evening...


Things we learned: Whenever Ix refers to THIS GUY...

...he really means Kilrogg.

- Aurane