The Troublemakers

Bringing a Metric Carp Ton of fun to Sunday & Monday nights

We are a casual Alliance raid team on the Aerie Peak server and part of the Convert to Raid guild. We are looking to make progression in normal and heroic raids for World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth.

And then there were four...

While it may not have been our cleanest week of raiding, we made excellent progress and faced off against Socrethar the Eternal for a second time. Special shout out to our consulting Canadian who took time out of his election day to pop in and give us some strat tweak suggestions & positioning tips. Those tips paid off and we permanently separated Socrethar from this world.

Prior to our kill, we talked about ending the raid early if we got him down but there was too much curiosity to NOT go poke our heads at the next boss so off to Fel Lord Zakuun it was!

OOPS! We did it again!

ONE SHOT! Grommash had to work out a few issues on Zakuun's corpse, so we took our loot and called it a night after that. All-in-all though, it was a pretty darn good week of raiding with 2 new bosses felled. That leaves us with only 4 bosses left in Hellfire Citadel. Could it be, after all our struggles, the end of Hellfire Citadel may be in sight?

Stay tuned...

- Aurane

Things we learned: Blame Canada!