The Troublemakers

Bringing a Metric Carp Ton of fun to Sunday & Monday nights

We are a casual Alliance raid team on the Aerie Peak server and part of the Convert to Raid guild. We are looking to make progression in normal and heroic raids for World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth.

The Case of the Missing Bodies - 6/8 Normal Eternal Palace

Day one -

QUEEN AZSHARA: Welcome to my palace. Now dance raid monkeys! Amuse me or I will end you.

BOSS MAN SHAMADIN: Ok everyone, welcome back to raiding. We have some old faces returning and some new * mumbles * converted faces again. Each of you should have a raid strat packet. I hope you have looked it over and…

AURANE: Um okay, she’s certainly full of herself. End me…pshhh. Azerite explosions didn’t ‘end’ me”.

BMS: Aurane, are you paying attention?

AURANE: Absolutely!

BMS: Ok then, you know what to do. Let’s get in there and wreck face!


Fast forward to Commander Sivara = REKT!
”Don’t cross the streams!”
”You got your poison in my frost! You got your frost in my poison. Two awful tastes that DO NOT go great together.”
”Ok, group up everyone for a kill photo”
< body disappears >
”What the?”

Fast forward to Blackwater Behemoth = WREKT!
”Can we do a kill a photo here?”
”Oh look bubbles!”
”I want to pet the jellyfish.”
”OMG! Sea horse rides.”
”Nevermind the photo, I guess.”

Fast forward to Radiance of Azshara = REKTED TOO! Electric Boogaloo
”I’m afraid of the dark, hold me!”
”That dude has been working out since Legion.”
”What is this crystal? No body? Lame.”

Fast forward to Lady Ashvane = WRECKTIFIED! (Is that copyright infringement?)
”Uh, she DID NOT age well…yikes.”
”Guys, this is nuts! I thought we were supposed to save the coral?”
”Ok, we have a body, group up for a photo”
< body disappears >

Fast forward to Orgozoa = SO SO REKT!
< Dances like a raid monkey >
”Ew, wth is incubation fluid? GROSS!”
”Where did he go? AFTER HIM!”
”Get the hulk!”
”Ok, NOW we’ll get a kill photo.”



Day two -

Fast forward to The Queen’s Court
”What are you doing?”
”Raid lead said pee in the back.”
”He meant Pashmar you idiot. Gross!”

Time warp to the kill
”KILL SHOT, everyone get in.”
< body disappears…again >
”Ok, this is getting ridiculous. I give up.”

Will our heroes solve the case of the missing bodies? Are they merely so excited to loot new bosses that the bodies disappear almost instantly? Tune in next week for our shocking conclusion…maybe.

~ Aurane

Jaina, we are so very sorry. It wasn't us, I swear! (Hides AotC badge)


Congrats to our Troublemakers for another Ahead of the Curve. You guys are awesome for sticking to it and it feels good to finally have the job done. It really is awesome to see how far everyone has come as players. You rock! Keep up the good work and we will see you in the Eternal Palace.

Also, shout out to our Facepull friends that tagged along on various attempts to fill in some role gaps. We could not have done it without you.

Now…Jaina, show us on the doll where the bad horde touched you. It totally wasn’t us doing a Freaky Friday. Promise.

But wait, there’s more…STORY TIME!


Aurane approaches the team’s office door. She pauses for a moment before opening it, talking only loud enough for her to hear.

“It’ll be fine, right? I mean, I’m not dead. They will be happy to see me, right? So I totally didn’t send any word back after that whole Silithus thing, but after what went down in Tanaris it was radio silence. I mean, I couldn’t send them any word without jeopardizing Operation Safe House. They’ll understand…right?”

Aurane takes a deep breath, holds it, then exhales and opens the door.





“Huh, they must be out.”

She takes a look around, surveying the new office space.

“The new digs are nice. I could get used to Boralus.”


“Clearly I’m going to have a lot of cleaning up to do. I leave them alone for a few months and the file system is totally jacked. I mean, who files like this? This isn’t the post office fer crying out loud.”

Aurane wanders over to the desk to check out the latest logs & reports.

“Awww, they did it! Good job guys. They are probably out celebrating right now.”

A smile slowly spreads across her face as she sits down at the desk…then fades.


~ Aurane (is definitely back for The Adventures in the Eternal Palace)

A moment of silence for Mekkatorque's suit

It was a nice suit.

In honor of our achievement over the great High Tinker Mekkatorque hurdle…more haikus, because the world could always use more haikus.

ONE SHOT! The Kat says.
We dive in with no leader.
Victory or death!
Wipe after wipe ends.
The mighty Mekkatorque down.
For the Alliance?

Yeah, that still feels weird, but is on to Blockade and AotC!

Seas swell and storms wail.
Tempting songs lure us to death.
Lo Stormwall Blockade.

See you next week everyone!

~ Aurane

I'm's a haiku!

Yes, I know. The stories have been lacking. To start the amends process, I give you this hastily written haiku commemorating our 100th attempt on Heroic High Tinker Mekkatorque and the 1% wipe last night.

It tastes like burning.
Ow, ow, ow…owie…ow, ow!
Hate you sheep shrapnel

Burned into my brain for all eternity.

Burned into my brain for all eternity.

Your humble chronicler,

~ Aurane

There will be blood...

RAIDER ONE: UGH! This is so gross. I hate to say this but I think I would rather have fel back.


RAIDER ONE: No really, this blood is never coming out of these new clothes. I liked this new hat too. It was kinda piratey. Now it’s ruined. Everything here is all blood, blOOD, BLOOD! Blood trolls, blood rituals, blood BOSSES. I miss fel. At least fel was clean. There were no stains. Well, to be honest, there wasn’t much of anything left after fel, but it was better than all this blood. Ew, and it smells. < starts to gag a little >


< enter one of the new druids to the team, sparkling and gleaming. It made your eyes hurt >

RAIDER ONE: Yo Garroux, how did you do that?

GARROUX: Do what?

RAIDER ONE: Get all sparkly.

GARROUX: Oh that, a little bit of mage magic, and I use this after every raid.

< hands the two raiders a well worn box >


GARROUX: You’re welcome to what’s left, and there is a coupon inside if you wish to purchase your own. Now, If you will excuse me, I have a raid report to fill out for the Boss Man.

< Garroux exits, both raiders watch his sparkling trail >

RAIDER ONE: Wait! He’s doing raid reports now? Dude, I thought he was just the mailman.

RAIDER TWO: Aw pretty kitty! I wonder if he likes string?

< promptly gets smacked by Raider One >

RAIDER TWO: OW! Why’d you…

RAIDER ONE: Let’s go! We have to get ready for the next raid. < mumbles > I hope this stuff works. < sniffs box > Smells nice, I guess.