The Troublemakers

Bringing a Metric Carp Ton of fun to Sunday & Monday nights

We are a casual Alliance raid team on the Aerie Peak server and part of the Convert to Raid guild. We are looking to make progression in normal and heroic raids for World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth.

A moment of silence for Mekkatorque's suit

It was a nice suit.

In honor of our achievement over the great High Tinker Mekkatorque hurdle…more haikus, because the world could always use more haikus.

ONE SHOT! The Kat says.
We dive in with no leader.
Victory or death!
Wipe after wipe ends.
The mighty Mekkatorque down.
For the Alliance?

Yeah, that still feels weird, but is on to Blockade and AotC!

Seas swell and storms wail.
Tempting songs lure us to death.
Lo Stormwall Blockade.

See you next week everyone!

~ Aurane

I'm's a haiku!

Yes, I know. The stories have been lacking. To start the amends process, I give you this hastily written haiku commemorating our 100th attempt on Heroic High Tinker Mekkatorque and the 1% wipe last night.

It tastes like burning.
Ow, ow, ow…owie…ow, ow!
Hate you sheep shrapnel

Burned into my brain for all eternity.

Burned into my brain for all eternity.

Your humble chronicler,

~ Aurane

There will be blood...

RAIDER ONE: UGH! This is so gross. I hate to say this but I think I would rather have fel back.


RAIDER ONE: No really, this blood is never coming out of these new clothes. I liked this new hat too. It was kinda piratey. Now it’s ruined. Everything here is all blood, blOOD, BLOOD! Blood trolls, blood rituals, blood BOSSES. I miss fel. At least fel was clean. There were no stains. Well, to be honest, there wasn’t much of anything left after fel, but it was better than all this blood. Ew, and it smells. < starts to gag a little >


< enter one of the new druids to the team, sparkling and gleaming. It made your eyes hurt >

RAIDER ONE: Yo Garroux, how did you do that?

GARROUX: Do what?

RAIDER ONE: Get all sparkly.

GARROUX: Oh that, a little bit of mage magic, and I use this after every raid.

< hands the two raiders a well worn box >


GARROUX: You’re welcome to what’s left, and there is a coupon inside if you wish to purchase your own. Now, If you will excuse me, I have a raid report to fill out for the Boss Man.

< Garroux exits, both raiders watch his sparkling trail >

RAIDER ONE: Wait! He’s doing raid reports now? Dude, I thought he was just the mailman.

RAIDER TWO: Aw pretty kitty! I wonder if he likes string?

< promptly gets smacked by Raider One >

RAIDER TWO: OW! Why’d you…

RAIDER ONE: Let’s go! We have to get ready for the next raid. < mumbles > I hope this stuff works. < sniffs box > Smells nice, I guess.

Adventure awaits!

Boss Man Paladin sat alone in his office. It had been a tiring, but reasonably successful first week in the Nazmir jungle. After locating the ancient Titan facility known as Uldir, the new team had done a good job getting in there and cleaning the place up a bit. There was still a lot to do, but they were really starting to come together. His thoughts were interrupted by a firm and steady knock on the door. He rose from his desk, went to the door, and opened it.

POSTAL WORGEN: Mail delivery for you sir. Sorry for the delay, mail routes have been all kinds of squirrely since we moved operations from Dalaran to Boralus. We are still trying to catch up.

The worgen handed him a rather large stack of mail with a postcard on top. Boss Man Paladin knew immediately who it was from.


He flipped over the card and read;

Hey Boss Man,
I made it to Tanaris! The new crew is already here and we are ready to get production under way PRONTO! It’s hotter than Moonguard here during the day, but the evenings are nice. Give my love to the gang.
— Aurane

Underneath the postcard was another letter, also from Aurane, only this one was severely damaged. He opened it and found a hastily scrawled note.

I hope you get this because HOLY CRAP! Plans changed overnight here in Tanaris. We were all set for some location shooting when the ground started going all rumble bumble on us. Word from Silithus was that Magni needed help so pretty much the entirety of Gadgetzan has been conscripted into his service. Our film project is on hold and we are moving out. No idea what’s going on over there yet. I’ll try and report back when I know more.
— Aurane

POSTAL WORGEN: I know it’s been awhile because of the postal delays, but I’ve got some friends down in Silithus I can get word to now that the portals are open. Want me to see if there is any word on your friend?

Boss Man Paladin had completely forgotten the worgen was still there and was mildly startled by the question.

BOSS MAN PALADIN: I’m sure she’s fine. She’s a resourceful gnome.

Boss Man Paladin quickly scribbled a note of his own down on a card and handed it to the Postal Worgen to deliver to Aurane. It simply read…

Four new big bads down.
You’re still short.

A Farewell to Legion...

...and also, this is how I make up for my lack of raid reporting for Antorus. Sorry, ya'll.

BOSS MAN PALADIN walks into Aurane's office. His first thought was she was hiding behind the stacks of papers, but she was not to be found, only piles of papers everywhere. He grabs a stack off her desk and glances at it.


"What is this?", he whispers, and begins to read.



** A clearly angry gnome stands in the doorway **

BOSS MAN PALADIN: I was um (quickly hides papers behind his back), looking for you, and wondering if, um....(gathering composure) I was wondering where you have been and what happened to the raid reports?

AURANE: And not respecting one's privacy, I might add.

BOSS MAN PALADIN: Well, you didn't answer any of my messages. What was I supposed to do? What is this? (pulling the papers from behind his back) It's not a raid report.

AURANE (glances at his hand and snatches the papers away, clutching them to her chest): It' screenplay.

BOSS MAN PALADIN (blinking): You're....screenplay?

AURANE: Yes, I've been trying to get in on this new film project in Gadgetzan.

BOSS MAN PALADIN: It's not the goblins again, is it?

AURANE (shoots BOSS MAN a quick glare): DON'T! They aren't all bad, ya know.

BOSS MAN PALADIN: Fine. What's this project you are so excited about.

** They are interrupted by a rather gruff worgen mailman. **

WORGEN: Priority envelope for you Aurane.

AURANE (squeals): Oh! This might be it! (leaps over a stack of papers and grabs the envelope from the worgen who huffs and walks off to his next delivery).

AURANE rips open the envelope, eyes wide reading, then re-reading. Face frozen.


AURANE: Oh, you're still here? I'M IN!!!! /happy dance

BOSS MAN PALADIN: What does that mean? Are you coming with us next week or?

AURANE: Oh no, but don't worry. I already took care of everything in case this happened. I've got someone lined up to cover the raid reports. He's a good guy. I think you'll like him. You two have a lot in common.


AURANE: Did I show you the trailer we made?

BOSS MAN PALADIN: No, but, we really should discuss..

AURANE: Hang on! It's around here somewhere (sounds of shuffling paper)....FOUND IT!



** They watch **

** a moment of silence **

BOSS MAN PALADIN: Aurane, we are going...

AURANE: CRAP! Is that the time? I gotta go pack. GADGETZAN awaits!

** Aurane runs out of the room **

BOSS MAN PALADIN: miss you. /sigh

TO BE CONTINUED...see you in Battle for Azeroth!

Wasn't there something about an eclipse?

AURANE (to the team): Ok gang, I've managed to procure us some goggles for this next fight. They are in beta testing so please make sure to fill out the survey cards after we are done and DON'T stare directly at the floor until we reach full eclipse or you'll burn your eyes out, savvy?

BOSS MAN SHAMAN: A little harsh don't you think?

AURANE: Do you want to pay the medical bills when the team goes blind?

BOSS MAN SHAMAN: Ok, fair point, but I have another concern.

AURANE: What's up?

BOSS MAN SHAMAN: *pulls out a flyer*


BOSS MAN SHAMAN: Goblin Engineers?

AURANE: Look, they aren't that bad. I told them I'd do them a favor in exchange for the goggles. They've been trying to break back into the Alliance market ever since that unfortunate Theramore incident. I warned them officially signing with the Horde was going to be bad for profits. Don't worry boss, everything will be fine.

BOSS MAN SHAMAN: If you're sure.

AURANE: Totes!



That eclipse was AWESOME!
I've never experienced anything like that!
I can't believe how cold it got when it was at full eclipse.
That was the most magical thing.
When is the next one?

BOSS MAN SHAMAN: So what did you think of the eclipse, Aurane?

AURANE: It was ok, I guess. I didn't get much of a chance to enjoy it with all the running around and healing and, well, you know, trying to keep the team alive.

BOSS MAN SHAMAN: What if I told you the room will have another eclipse shortly? And there will be no Sisters to have to worry about this time.

AURANE: Really?

BOSS MAN SHAMAN: Ok everyone, mage portal please. Back to Dalaran, we have to fill out these survey cards for the goggles. If you wish to keep your goggles they are being offered to us at a special price. *winks at Aurane*


AURANE: Thanks boss man.